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Competitive Dance Competition Results

2019 Results

Dance  Canada: Kitchener

72- Dynamic  Gold  ( 93 & Up) 

75-  High Gold ( 90-92.99)

1- Gold (88-89.99)

18- Special Awards

43- Overall Awards

20- Pageant Qualifiers

Senior Destined to Succeed: Lauren Halladay

Top Score Novice "I Like to Fuss" (Celina Gonzalez Jazz Solo)

3rd Highest Part Time Routine: "Flip Flop Fly" ( PT 2 Tap)

Top Highest Part Time Routine "Movin'" ( PT 1/Sr Tap)

Judge's Choice Jr Choreography "Jack's House" (Jr Small Jazz Choreography by Nicole Bowser)

Dance Canada Senior Cup Champions "Lost" (Senior Lyrical Line)

Dance Canada Awards 2019

View Dance Challenge: Ottawa

11- Platinum (95 & up)

103- High Golds (90-94.99)

15- Special Awards

29- Overall Awards

Top Intermediate Mark "Granted" (Ethan Hewitt Acro Solo)

Top Extended Line "Divas" (Superline)

Final Hour Showdown Champions "Divas" (Superline)

View Dance Challenge Awards 2019


14 Titanium (95 & up)

101 Ultimate Platinum ( 92 -94.99)

33 Platinum (90-91.99)

4 High Gold (87-89.99)

37 Special Awards

43 Overall Awards

Best In Style 13 & Over Jazz "Divas" (Superline)

Best In Style 13 & Over Lyrical "Lost" (Sr Lyrical Line)

Best in Style 12 & Under Tap "It Don't Mean a Thing" (Jr Tap)

Best In Style 13 & Over Tap "Geronimo" (Int Large Tap)

2nd Overall Top Studio

Highest Mark of The Competition 97.92 "Divas" (Superline)

Kick it Up Awards 2019


128 Diamond (93 & up)

24 Emerald (90-92.99)

26 Special Awards

63 Overall Awards

10 Pageant Qualifiers

6 Scholarship Winners

Overall High Score Novice Routine"I Like to Fuss" (Celina Gonzalez Jazz Solo)

Overall High Score Part Time Routine "Walking on Broken Glass"(Nicole Freeman Tap Solo)

12 & Up Overall High Score Solo,Duet/Trio "I Didn't Know my Own Strength" (Danielle Mitchell Lyrical Solo)

Most Entertaining Routine "Divas" (Superline)

Outstanding Choreography "Intervention" (Sr  Adv Small Lyrical-  Choreography by Nicole Marsh)

Bedazzled Awards 2019


7 Pure Inspiration (95 & Up)

75 Ultimate Inspiration (92-94.99)

28 Platinum (90-91.99)

4 High Gold (87-89.99)

16 Special Awards

28 Overall Awards

Top Studio Level 1

Top Studio Level 2

Top Score Tap- "Tomorrow" ( Int Small Tap)

Top Score Acro- One Moment in Time (Danielle M Acro Solo)

Inspire Dance Challenge Awards 2019

2018 Results


33 1st Place Awards

30 2nd Place Awards

14 3rd Place Awards

13 Overall High Score Awards

16 Special Awards

Top Tap Mark of the Entire Competition: “Cute” (Maya Navarro, Zoe Pagonis tap duet)

Top Intermediate Choreography: “Chicago” (Inter/ Inter Adv jazz line) Choreography by Nicole Bowser

Rhythm Milton Awards 2018




7 Super Platinums (95+)

94 Platinums (92-94.99)

34 Diamonds (88-91.9)


7 Finals Placements

8 Overall High Score Awards

10 Special Awards

1 Choreography Award

4 Scholarship Recipients

Highest Score Of The Day (Thursday): “Cute” (Maya Navarro, Zoe Pagonis tap duet)

Highest Musical Theatre Score: “Liza With A Z” (Sydnee Misurka musical theatre solo)

Highest Tap Score: “Shape Of You” (Maya Navarro tap solo)

Top Production: “The Little Mermaid” (Production)

Move Toronto Awards 2018


6 Diamonds (95+)

25 Platinums (90-94.99)

1 Gold (85-89.9)


6 Diamond Dance Off Qualifiers

17 Overall High Score Awards

1 Scholarship Winner

8 Special Awards

Highest Hip Hop Score: “Lunch Break” (PT 2 hip hop group)

Highest Tap Score: “Nobody But Me” (PT 1/ Senior tap group)

3rd Junior Dance-Off: “Lunch Break” (PT 2 hip hop group)

5th Senior Dance-Off: “Nobody But Me” (PT 1/ Senior tap group)

Candance Toronto Awards 2018


18 Titaniums (95+)

99 Ultimate Platinums (92-94.99)

46 Platinums (90-91.99)

6 High Golds (87-89.99)


36 Overall High Score Awards

19 Special Awards

6 Session Choreography Award

5 Best In Style Awards

5 Scholarship Recipients

Best Choreography: “La La Land” (Inter/ Inter Adv tap group): Choreography by Juliana Kelly

Most Entertaining: “The Little Mermaid” (Production)

Highest Score Of The Competition: “The Little Mermaid” (Production)

Top Studio Of The Weekend

Kick It Up Kitchener Awards 2018


58 Diamonds (95+)

79 Platinums (90-94.99)


10 Diamond Dance Off Qualifiers

18 Overall High Score Awards

2 Scholarship Winner

16 Special Awards

Top Production: “The Little Mermaid” (Production)

Best Costume 12 & Under: “Dancing Fool” (Junior tap group): Costume by Mirena's Fashions

Highest Acro Score: “Turn To Stone” (Inter acro group)

Highest Lyrical Score: “Grief” (Senior lyrical group)

Highest Tap Score: “Stone Cold Rhymin'” (Senior tap group)

5th Junior Dance-Off: “La La Land” (Inter/ Inter Adv tap group)

The Joe Noce Memorial Award: “The Little Mermaid” (Production)

Candance Burlington Awards 2018



131 Diamonds (93+)

31 Emeralds (90-92.99)


42 Overall High Score Awards

23 Special Awards

1 Scholarship Recipient

2 World Performers Recipients

5 Pageant Qualifiers

Senior Most Potential: Danielle Mitchell

Top Pre-Comp Mark: “Nobody But Me” (PT 1/ Senior tap group)

Top Pre-Comp Choreography: “Nobody But Me” (PT 1/ Senior tap group): Choreography by Juliana Kelly

Top Novice Mark: “Sweet Nothings” (Ashley Karaz jazz solo)

Top Production: “The Little Mermaid” (Production)

Bedazzled Guelph Awards 2018



44 Platinum Pluses (279.31-300)

45 Platinums (268.51-279.3)

6 High Golds (261.1-268.5)


64 Overall High Score Awards

10 Special Awards

7 Top Style Winners

16 Costume Award Winners

8 Judge's Choice Class Standout and Scholarship Winners

Petite Miss Starquest: Ashley Karaz

Junior Mister Starquest: Ethan Hewitt

2nd Runner Up Senior Mister Starquest: Max Richards

19 Quest For The Best Dance-Off Qualifiers

6 Quest For The Best Dance-Off Winners

1 Perfect Score

Senior Fusion Award Winner

Junior Odyssey Award Winner

Teen Odyssey Award Winner

Senior Odyssey Award Winner

Petite/ Junior Apogee Award Winner

Teen/ Senior Apogee Award Runner Up

Select Circle Of Excellence Inductee

Top Choreography

Starquest Nationals Awards 2018

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