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Nicola Saclamacis

Miss Nikky

"Miss Nikky"

Nicola Saclamacis, also known as Miss Nikky, is an accomplished choreographer, teacher, and studio owner of The Dance PAC. She is an active member with Dance Masters of America Canadian Chapter 38, and Canadian Dance Teachers Association. Now 28 years in business, her once tiny studio located in her family basement, is now a successful 6000 square foot studio with 23 teachers and many award winning students.

Nikky began Dancing with the Audrey Meredith Dance Studio and for over 23 years continued studying all forms of dance. Her love and passion for the arts is clearly shown in all that she does. Her studio has won several awards throughout Canada and the USA, including Top Studio, Best Choreography, and Overall Excellence. Many of her students have graduated and continued on in the dance community as studio directors, dance teachers, professional dancers, and choreographers.

Although Nikky loves and is knowledgeable in all forms of dance, her specialty and passion will always be in acrobatics. She has worked with some of the top acrobatic and gymnastic coaches in Canada and the USA. Her creative concepts and acrobatic choreography is known throughout.

Nikky also supports and teaches outside of the studio with various theatre groups, Montessori schools, elementary schools, and private schools. Miss Nikky believes not every dancer will continue to pursue a career in dance, however the bonding memories, relationships built, the lessons learned with rewards and failures, will carry you throughout and last a lifetime.

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