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Ages 18 months - 3

Pre-School is designed for little dancers who are new to the world of dance. These classes will focus primarily on beginner ballet technique in a creative, imaginative, and fun environment. Basic acrobatic technique will also be explored in this class.


2nd Year Pre-School with Tap

Ages 4-5

2nd Year Pre-School with tap builds on the fundamentals of the Pre-School class with a continuation of basic ballet and acrobatic technique. In the second year, jazz and tap are incorporated into the program to promote coordination, control, musicality, and strength. 



Ages 6 & Up

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and is fundamental in the development of a well rounded dancer. Ballet focuses on developing technique, posture, strength, flexibility, musicality and coordination. Classes will concentrate on teaching students ballet positions and steps, proper terminology, correct alignment and body awareness through classical ballet syllabus and technique.



Ages 8 & up

Tap is a percussive style of dance with a strong emphasis on musicality, characterized by the use of tap shoes to create various rhythmic and musical ideas. Classes will focus on various styles of tap, from classical, to Broadway, to modern funk styles. Dancers will also learn important musical fundamentals such as timing, rhythm, accents, syncopation and basic music theory.


Primary Ballet/Tap

Ages 5-6

This is a combo class where students will learn the  fundamentals of ballet and tap. Dancers will have the opportunity to perform two separate routines at our year end recital.



Ages 6 & up

Acrobatics is a style of dance that combines precision acrobatic elements with dance technique. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography, in which dance and gymnastic movement are linked together. Classes will focus on muscle strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and coordination.

Recreational  Classes



Ages 8 & up

Jazz is a high-energy form of dance with a focus on technique. Classes are designed to expose students to a variety of styles while keeping a strong emphasis on basic principals such as developing flexibility, strength, endurance, and control. Jazz classes will incorporate steps, kicks, jumps and turns with choreography.



Ages 6-8

Our unique jazz/acro combo class offers students an introduction into these two dance styles. Jazz is a high energy dance form focusing on technique and flexibility. Here students will learn the fundamentals of jazz dance. The acro portion of the class introduces dancers to basic limbering and tumbling skills such as bridges, handstands, cattwheels and rolls.


Hip Hop

Ages 5 & up

Hip Hop is a structured form of street dance found in music videos and concert performances. It is a high energy fusion of cutting-edge movements and attitude. These classes are designed to teach control, agility, coordination, dynamics, and precision.



Ages 10 & up

Lyrical is a form of dance that combines the fundamentals of ballet, modern and jazz technique. This style of dance is driven by the dancers expression of the mood and feeling of the music. Lyrical classes will focus on balance, control, extensions, isolations, flexibility, and fluidity, as well as performance quality and musical connection.

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